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resource-watcher.js This class helps retrieving existing and listening to resources. A resource is something that: - the target you are debugging exposes - can be created as early as the process/worker/page starts loading - can already exist, or will be created later on - doesn't require any user data to be fetched, only a type/category @param {TargetList} targetList A TargetList instance, which helps communicating to the backend in order to iterate and listen over the requested resources. 29947
target-list.js This class helps managing, iterating over and listening for Targets. It exposes: - the top level target, typically the main process target for the browser toolbox or the browsing context target for a regular web toolbox - target of remoted iframe, in case Fission is enabled and some <iframe> are running in a distinct process - target switching. If the top level target changes for a new one, all the targets are going to be declared as destroyed and the new ones will be notified to the user of this API. @fires target-tread-wrong-order-on-resume : An event that is emitted when resuming the thread throws with the "wrongOrder" error. @param {RootFront} rootFront The root front. @param {TargetFront} targetFront The top level target to debug. Note that in case of target switching, this may be replaced by a new one over time. 20944
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