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compatibility-user-settings.js Returns the full list of browsers in the RemoteSetting devtools-compatibility-browsers collection (which is a flat copy of MDN compat data), sorted by browser and version. @returns Promise<Array<Object>> : Objects in the array have the following shape: - {string} id: The browser id (e.g. `firefox`,`safari_ios`). Should be one of TARGET_BROWSER_ID - {string} name: The browser display name (e.g. `Firefox`,`Safari for IOS`, …) - {string} version: The browser version (e.g. `99`,`15.3`, `1.0.4`, …) - {string} status: The browser status (e.g. `current`,`beta`, …). Should be one of TARGET_BROWSER_STATUS 4502
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helpers.js Return the compatibility table from given compatNode and specified terms. For example, if the terms is ["background-color"], this function returns compatNode["background-color"].__compat. @return {Object} compatibility table { description: {String} Description of this compatibility table. mdn_url: {String} Document in the MDN. support: { $browserName: {String} $browserName is such as firefox, firefox_android and so on. [ { added: {String} The version this feature was added. removed: {String} Optional. The version this feature was removed. Optional. prefix: {String} Optional. The prefix this feature is needed such as "-moz-". alternative_name: {String} Optional. The alternative name of this feature such as "-moz-osx-font-smoothing" of "font-smooth". notes: {String} Optional. A simple note for this support. }, ... ], }, status: { experimental: {Boolean} If true, this feature is experimental. standard_track: {Boolean}, If true, this feature is on the standard track. deprecated: {Boolean} If true, this feature is deprecated. } } 3463 492
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