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connection-manager.js Connection Manager. To use this module: const {ConnectionManager} = require("devtools/shared/client/connection-manager"); # ConnectionManager Methods: . Connection createConnection(host, port) . void destroyConnection(connection) . Number getFreeTCPPort() Properties: . Array connections # Connection A connection is a wrapper around a debugger client. It has a simple API to instantiate a connection to a debugger server. Once disconnected, no need to re-create a Connection object. Calling `connect()` again will re-create a debugger client. Methods: . connect() Connect to host:port. Expect a "connecting" event. If no host is not specified, a local pipe is used . connect(transport) Connect via transport. Expect a "connecting" event. . disconnect() Disconnect if connected. Expect a "disconnecting" event Properties: . host IP address or hostname . port Port . logs Current logs. "newlog" event notifies new available logs . store Reference to a local data store (see below) . keepConnecting Should the connection keep trying to connect? . timeoutDelay When should we give up (in ms)? 0 means wait forever. . encryption Should the connection be encrypted? . authentication What authentication scheme should be used? . authenticator The |Authenticator| instance used. Overriding properties of this instance may be useful to customize authentication UX for a specific use case. . advertisement The server's advertisement if found by discovery . status Connection status: Connection.Status.CONNECTED Connection.Status.DISCONNECTED Connection.Status.CONNECTING Connection.Status.DISCONNECTING Connection.Status.DESTROYED Events (as in event-emitter.js): . Connection.Events.CONNECTING Trying to connect to host:port . Connection.Events.CONNECTED Connection is successful . Connection.Events.DISCONNECTING Trying to disconnect from server . Connection.Events.DISCONNECTED Disconnected (at client request, or because of a timeout or connection error) . Connection.Events.STATUS_CHANGED The connection status (connection.status) has changed . Connection.Events.TIMEOUT Connection timeout . Connection.Events.HOST_CHANGED Host has changed . Connection.Events.PORT_CHANGED Port has changed . Connection.Events.NEW_LOG A new log line is available 12052
constants.js Set of protocol messages that affect thread state, and the state the actor is in after each message. 835
debugger-client.js Creates a client for the remote debugging protocol server. This client provides the means to communicate with the server and exchange the messages required by the protocol in a traditional JavaScript API. 28543 383