Name Description Size
DevToolsFrameChild.jsm Try to instantiate new target actors for the current WindowGlobal, and that, for all the currently registered Watcher actors. Read the `sharedData` to get metadata about all registered watcher actors. If these watcher actors are interested in the current WindowGlobal, instantiate a new dedicated target actor for each of the watchers. @param Object options @param Boolean options.isBFCache True, if the request to instantiate a new target comes from a bfcache navigation. i.e. when we receive a pageshow event with persisted=true. This will be true regardless of bfcacheInParent being enabled or disabled. @param Boolean options.ignoreIfExisting By default to false. If true is passed, we avoid instantiating a target actor if one already exists for this windowGlobal. 30251
DevToolsFrameParent.jsm Request the content process to create the Frame Target if there is one already available that matches the Browsing Context ID 8232
DevToolsWorkerChild.jsm Function handling messages sent by DevToolsWorkerParent (part of JSWindowActor API). @param {Object} message @param {String} @param {*} 18458
DevToolsWorkerParent.jsm Request the content process to create Worker Targets if workers matching the context are already available. 8025 462
WindowGlobalLogger.jsm This logger can run from the content or parent process, and windowGlobal will either be of type `WindowGlobalParent` or `WindowGlobalChild`. The interface for each type can be found in WindowGlobalActors.webidl ( @param {WindowGlobalParent|WindowGlobalChild} windowGlobal The window global to log. See WindowGlobalActors.webidl for details about the types. @param {String} message A custom message that will be displayed at the beginning of the log. 3179