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Firefox DevTools Contributor Docs
This is a guide to working on the code for Firefox Developer Tools. If you're looking for help with using the tools, see the `user docs <>`__. For other ways to get involved, check out our `community site <>`__.
Getting Started
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Getting Started <getting-started/>
Get a Bugzilla account <getting-started/>
Create a development profile <getting-started/>
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Contributing <>
Find bugs to work on <contributing/>
How to fix a bug <contributing/>
Code reviews <contributing/>
Landing code <contributing/>
Leveling up <contributing/>
Coding standards <contributing/>
Filing good bugs <contributing/>
Investigating performance issues <contributing/>
Writing efficient React code <contributing/>
Automated tests
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Automated tests <tests/>
xpcshell <tests/>
Chrome mochitests <tests/>
DevTools mochitests <tests/>
Node tests <tests/>
Writing tests <tests/>
Debugging intermittent failures <tests/>
Performance tests (DAMP) <tests/>
Writing a new test <tests/>
Example <tests/>
Advanced tips <tests/>
Files and directories
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Files and directories <files/>
Adding New Files <files/>
Tool Architectures
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Inspector Panel Architecture <tools/>
Inspector Highlighters <tools/>
Memory <tools/>
Debugger <tools/>
Responsive Design Mode <tools/>
Console <tools/>
Network </devtools/netmonitor/>
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Panel SVGs <frontend/>
React <frontend/>
React Guidelines <frontend/>
Redux <frontend/>
Redux Guidelines <frontend/>
Telemetry <frontend/>
Content Security Policy <frontend/>
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Remote Debugging Protocol <backend/>
Client API <backend/>
Debugger API <backend/>
Backward Compatibility <backend/>
Actors Organization <backend/>
Handling Multi-Processes in Actors <backend/>
Writing Actors With protocol.js <backend/>
Registering A New Actor <backend/>
Actor Best Practices <backend/>
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Preferences <>