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# About this documentation
This guide is built with MarkDown files and [GitBook](
The source code for this documentation is distributed with the source code for the tools, in the `docs/` folder.
If you want to contribute to the documentation, [clone the repository](./getting-started/, make your changes locally, and then regenerate the book to see how it looks like before submitting a patch:
# Install GitBook locally
npm install -g gitbook-cli
# Go into the docs directory
cd /path/to/mozilla-central/devtools/docs/
# Install plugins
gitbook install
# Generate the docs and start a local server
gitbook serve
# You can now navigate to localhost:4000 in your browser to see the output
open http://localhost:4000 # this would work in MacOS
# Or build the book only (this places the output into `docs/_book`)
gitbook build