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# Upgrading @fluent/react
## Getting the Source
cd fluent.js
Then checkout the version/tag you want, e.g. `@fluent/react@0.10.0`.
## Building fluent-react
npm install
cd fluent-gecko
make fluent-react.js
cp dist/fluent-react.js <gecko-dev>/devtools/client/shared/vendor/fluent-react.js
## Patching fluent-react
- Open `fluent-react.js`
- Replace `require('react')` with `require('devtools/client/shared/vendor/react')`
- Replace `require('prop-types')` with `require('devtools/client/shared/vendor/react-prop-types')`
## Update the version:
The current version is 0.10.0. Update this version number everywhere in this file.