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create-store.js This creates a dispatcher with all the standard middleware in place that all code requires. It can also be optionally configured in various ways, such as logging and recording. @param {object} opts: - enableTaskMiddleware: if true, include the task middleware - log: log all dispatched actions to console - history: an array to store every action in. Should only be used in tests. - middleware: array of middleware to be included in the redux store - thunkOptions: object that will be spread within a {dispatch, getState} object, that will be passed in each thunk action. 3011
middleware 11 420
subscriber.js 491
visibility-handler-connect.js This helper is wrapping Redux's connect() method and applying HOC (VisibilityHandler component) on whatever component is originally passed in. The HOC is responsible for not causing rendering if the owner panel runs in the background. 1042