Name Description Size
content.js global content, docShell, addEventListener, addMessageListener, removeEventListener, removeMessageListener, sendAsyncMessage, Services 6702 383
swap.js Swap page content from an existing tab into a new browser within a container page. Page state is preserved by using `swapFrameLoaders`, just like when you move a tab to a new window. This provides a seamless transition for the user since the page is not reloaded. See /devtools/docs/ for a high level overview of how this is used in RDM. The steps described there are copied into the code below. @param tab A browser tab with content to be swapped. @param containerURL URL to a page that holds an inner browser. @param getInnerBrowser Function that returns a Promise to the inner browser within the container page. It is called with the outer browser that loaded the container page. 19680
tunnel.js Properties swapped between browsers by browser.js's `swapDocShells`. 26178
web-navigation.js This object aims to provide the nsIWebNavigation interface for mozbrowser elements. nsIWebNavigation is one of the interfaces expected on <xul:browser>s, so this wrapper helps mozbrowser elements support this. It attempts to use the mozbrowser API wherever possible, however some methods don't exist yet, so we fallback to the WebNavigation actor in those cases. Ideally the mozbrowser API would eventually be extended to cover all properties and methods used here. This is largely copied from RemoteWebNavigation.js, which uses the WebNavigation actor to perform all actions. 4825