Name Description Size
categories.js Details about each label stack frame category. To be kept in sync with the JS::ProfilingCategory enum in ProfilingCategory.h 2096
constants.js 343
global.js Localization convenience methods. 1616
io.js Helpers for importing/exporting JSON. 5370
logic 6
marker-blueprint-utils.js This file contains utilities for parsing out the markers blueprint to generate strings to be displayed in the UI. 3543
marker-dom-utils.js This file contains utilities for creating DOM nodes for markers to be displayed in the UI. 8285
marker-formatters.js This file contains utilities for creating elements for markers to be displayed, and parsing out the blueprint to generate correct values for markers. 6228
markers.js A simple schema for mapping markers to the timeline UI. The keys correspond to marker names, while the values are objects with the following format: - group: The row index in the overview graph; multiple markers can be added on the same row. @see <overview.js/buildGraphImage> - label: The label used in the waterfall to identify the marker. Can be a string or just a function that accepts the marker and returns a string (if you want to use a dynamic property for the main label). If you use a function for a label, it *must* handle the case where no marker is provided, to get a generic label used to describe all markers of this type. - fields: The fields used in the marker details view to display more information about a currently selected marker. Can either be an object of fields, or simply a function that accepts the marker and returns such an object (if you want to use properties dynamically). For example, a field in the object such as { "Cause": "causeName" } would render something like `Cause: ${marker.causeName}` in the UI. - colorName: The label of the DevTools color used for this marker. If adding a new color, be sure to check that there's an entry for `.marker-color-graphs-{COLORNAME}` for the equivilent entry in "./devtools/client/themes/performance.css" - collapsible: Whether or not this marker can contain other markers it eclipses, and becomes collapsible to reveal its nestable children. Defaults to true. - nestable: Whether or not this marker can be nested inside an eclipsing collapsible marker. Defaults to true. 5697 507
utils.js globals document 738
waterfall-ticks.js Creates the background displayed on the marker's waterfall. 3071
widgets 5