Name Description Size
JITOptimizations.js eslint-disable no-unused-vars 8198
JITOptimizationsItem.js eslint-disable no-unused-vars 6668
RecordingButton.js 1322
RecordingControls.js 1886
RecordingList.js 1055
RecordingListItem.js 1939
Waterfall.js This file contains the "waterfall" view, essentially a detailed list of all the markers in the timeline data. 1336
WaterfallHeader.js The "waterfall ticks" view, a header for the markers displayed in the waterfall. 2205
WaterfallTree.js Checks if a given marker is in the specified time range. @param object e The marker containing the { start, end } timestamps. @param number start The earliest allowed time. @param number end The latest allowed time. @return boolean True if the marker fits inside the specified time range. 4955
WaterfallTreeRow.js A single row (node) in the waterfall tree 3185
chrome 3 561