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markup-context-menu.js Context menu for the Markup view. 28473
markup.js These functions are called when a shortcut (as defined in `_initShortcuts`) occurs. Each property in the following object corresponds to one of the shortcut that is handled by the markup-view. Each property value is a function that takes the markup-view instance as only argument, and returns a boolean that signifies whether the event should be consumed. By default, the event gets consumed after the shortcut handler returns, this means its propagation is stopped. If you do want the shortcut event to continue propagating through DevTools, then return true from the handler. 75108
markup.xhtml 1201 478
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utils 2
utils.js Apply a 'flashed' background and foreground color to elements. Intended to be used with flashElementOff as a way of drawing attention to an element. @param {Node} backgroundElt The element to set the highlighted background color on. @param {Object} options @param {Node} options.foregroundElt The element to set the matching foreground color on. This will equal backgroundElt if not set. @param {String} options.backgroundClass The background highlight color class to set on the element. 4522
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