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Workaround segfault in clang's mangling code that is tickled when
attempting to mangle the declaration:
in the <tuple> header in the Android NDK.
This codepath is exercised by MozsearchIndexer.cpp (the searchfox
indexer) when indexing on Android. See also
diff --git a/clang/lib/AST/ItaniumMangle.cpp b/clang/lib/AST/ItaniumMangle.cpp
index 4420f6a2c1c3..39792e6b7350 100644
--- a/clang/lib/AST/ItaniumMangle.cpp
+++ b/clang/lib/AST/ItaniumMangle.cpp
@@ -3954,6 +3954,11 @@ void CXXNameMangler::mangleExpression(const Expr *E, unsigned Arity,
// produces no output, where ImplicitlyConvertedToType and AsTemplateArg need
// to be preserved.
+ if (!E) {
+ Out << "MOZ_WE_HACKED_AROUND_BUG_1500941";
+ return;
+ }
switch (E->getStmtClass()) {
case Expr::NoStmtClass:
#define ABSTRACT_STMT(Type)