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browser-aero.css Except for Windows 8, Windows 7 Aero and Windows 7 Aero Basic, the -moz-window-button-box appearance on the .titlebar-buttonbox adds an unwanted margin at the top of the button box. For Windows 8 and Windows Aero (which both use the compositor): We want the -moz-window-button-box applied in the restored case, and -moz-window-button-box-maximized in the maximized case. For Windows Aero Basic: The margin is also unwanted in the maximized case, but we want it in the restored window case. 11281
browser.css for flex hack 16870
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monitor-border.png 0 354
pageInfo.css View buttons 2976
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sanitizeDialog.css Align the duration label with the warning box and item list 489