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CommonNames.jsm A subset of the most visited sites according to Alexa. Used as a fallback if a site doesn't expose site_name metadata. Maps a site's hostname (not including `www.`) to its common name. 10446
content 20
docs 8
DomainGroupBuilder.jsm A builder for snapshot groups based on domains. 6001
Interactions.jsm Returns a monotonically increasing timestamp, that is critical to distinguish database entries by creation time. 23342
InteractionsBlocklist.jsm A class that maintains a blocklist of URLs. The class exposes a method to check if a particular URL is contained on the blocklist. 8653
InteractionsChild.jsm Listens for interactions in the child process and passes information to the parent. 4769
InteractionsParent.jsm Receives messages from InteractionsChild and passes them to the appropriate interactions object. 1042 2083
metadataViewer 3 1121
PinnedGroupBuilder.jsm A builder for snapshot groups based on pinned snapshots. 4399
PlacesUIUtils.jsm -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 69051
SnapshotGroups.jsm @typedef {object} SnapshotGroup This object represents a group of snapshots. @property {string} id The group id. The id property is ignored when adding a group. @property {string} title The title of the group assigned by the user. This should be used in preference to the translation supplied title in the builderMetadata. @property {boolean} hidden Whether the group is hidden or not. @property {string} builder The builder that was used to create the group (e.g. "domain", "pinned"). @property {object} builderMetadata The metadata from the builder for the SnapshotGroup. This is mostly for use by the builder only and should otherwise be considered opaque, the exception to this is for the localisation data. @property {object} builderMetadata.fluentTitle An object to be passed to fluent for generating the title of the group. This title should only be used if `title` is not present. @property {string} imageUrl The image url to use for the group. @property {string} faviconDataUrl The data url to use for the favicon, null if not available. @property {string} imagePageUrl The url of the snapshot used to get the image and favicon urls. @property {number} lastAccessed The last access time of the most recently accessed snapshot. Stored as the number of milliseconds since the epoch. @property {number} snapshotCount The number of snapshots contained within the group. 20003
SnapshotMonitor.jsm Monitors changes in snapshots (additions, deletions, etc) and triggers the snapshot group builders to run as necessary. 10476
Snapshots.jsm @typedef {object} Recommendation A snapshot recommendation with an associated score. @property {Snapshot} snapshot The recommended snapshot. @property {number} score The score for this snapshot. 41422
SnapshotScorer.jsm @typedef {object} Recommendation A snapshot recommendation with an associated score. @property {Snapshot} snapshot The recommended snapshot. @property {number} score The score for this snapshot. 9838
SnapshotSelector.jsm @typedef {object} SelectionContext The necessary context for selecting, filtering and scoring snapshot recommendations. This context is expected to be specific to what the user is doing. @property {number} count The maximum number of recommendations to generate. @property {boolean} filterAdult Whether to filter out adult sites. @property {Map<string, number> | null} sourceWeights Weights for the different recommendation sources. May be null in the event that the new recommendations are disabled. @property {string | undefined} url The page the snapshots are for. @property {PageDataCollector.DATA_TYPE | undefined} type The type of snapshots desired. @property {function} getCurrentSessionUrls A function that returns a Set containing the urls for the current session. 10174
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