Name Description Size
components 18
containers 19
debugging.css 584
debugging.html 3488
debugging.js 17659
mixins 3
paymentRequest.css 5615
paymentRequest.js Loaded in the unprivileged frame of each payment dialog. Communicates with privileged code via DOM Events. 10321
paymentRequest.xhtml 17992
PaymentsStore.js The PaymentsStore class provides lightweight storage with an async publish/subscribe mechanism. Synchronous state changes are batched to improve application performance and to reduce partial state propagation. 3250
unprivileged-fallbacks.js This file defines fallback objects to be used during development outside of the paymentDialogWrapper. When loaded in the wrapper, a frame script overwrites these methods. Since these methods need to get overwritten in the global scope, it can't be converted into an ES module. 4497