Name Description Size
abouthomecache 13
blue_page.html 103
browser.ini 2049
browser_aboutwelcome_attribution.js Setup and test RTAMO welcome UI 2773
browser_aboutwelcome_focus.js 2705
browser_aboutwelcome_multistage.js Sets the aboutwelcome pref to enabled simplified welcome UI 23338
browser_aboutwelcome_observer.js Sets the aboutwelcome pref to enabled simplified welcome UI 2100
browser_aboutwelcome_rtamo.js Setup and test RTAMO welcome UI 5087
browser_aboutwelcome_simplified.js Sets the aboutwelcome pref to enabled simplified welcome UI 1953
browser_as_load_location.js Helper to test that a newtab page loads its html document. @param selector {String} CSS selector to find an element in newtab content @param message {String} Description of the test printed with the assertion 1233
browser_as_render.js 2298
browser_asrouter_bookmarkpanel.js 2620
browser_asrouter_cfr.js 34424
browser_asrouter_experimentsAPILoader.js 8773
browser_asrouter_group_frequency.js Load and modify a message for the test. 6064
browser_asrouter_group_userprefs.js Load and modify a message for the test. 5287
browser_asrouter_infobar.js 4387
browser_asrouter_momentspagehub.js 3824
browser_asrouter_snippets.js 6269
browser_asrouter_snippets_dismiss.js Snippets endpoint has two snippets that share the same campaign id. We want to make sure that dismissing the snippet on the first about:newtab will clear the snippet on the next (preloaded) about:newtab. 3257
browser_asrouter_targeting.js 33245
browser_asrouter_toolbarbadge.js 4970
browser_asrouter_whatsnewpanel.js 3697
browser_context_menu_item.js 936
browser_customize_menu_content.js 8118
browser_customize_menu_render.js 5578
browser_discovery_card.js 1418
browser_discovery_render.js 847
browser_discovery_styles.js 4488
browser_enabled_newtabpage.js 685
browser_getScreenshots.js 2884
browser_highlights_section.js Helper for setup and cleanup of Highlights section tests. @param bookmarkCount Number of bookmark higlights to add @param test The test case 3168
browser_newtab_experimentFeature.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 2626
browser_newtab_experiment_api.js Enrolls browser in an experiment with value featureValue and runs a test in newtab content @param {string} slug A slug @param {NewTabFeatureConfig} featureValue A feature config @param {NewTabTest} test A new tab test compatible with test_newtab (see head.js) 2324
browser_newtab_header.js 9847
browser_newtab_overrides.js Tests that the default newtab page is always returned when one types "about:newtab" in the URL bar, even when overridden. 4063
browser_open_tab_focus.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. 1034
browser_topsites_contextMenu_options.js 4006
browser_topsites_section.js 7109
browser_trigger_listeners.js 1917
ds_layout.json 2380
head.js Helper to wait for potentially preloaded browsers to "load" where a preloaded page has already loaded and won't trigger "load", and a "load"ed page might not necessarily have had all its javascript/render logic executed. 8090
red_page.html 102
snippet.json 1611
snippet_below_search_test.json 1423
snippet_simple_test.json 2443
topstories.json 1975