Name Description Size
BackgroundTaskMessagingExperiment.schema.json 9043
extract-test-corpus.js 1840
FxMSCommon.schema.json 4080 Firefox Messaging System Messaging Experiment schema generator The Firefox Messaging System handles several types of messages. This program patches and combines those schemas into a single schema (MessagingExperiment.schema.json) which is used to validate messaging experiments coming from Nimbus. Definitions from FxMsCommon.schema.json are bundled into this schema. This allows all of the FxMS schemas to reference common definitions, e.g. `localizableText` for translatable strings, via referencing the common schema. The bundled schema will be re-written so that the references now point at the top-level, generated schema. Additionally, all self-references in each messaging schema will be rewritten into absolute references, referencing each sub-schemas `$id`. This is requried due to the JSONSchema validation library used by Experimenter not fully supporting self-references and bundled schema. 16618 5830
message-group.schema.json 2107
MessagingExperiment.schema.json 59607
provider-response.schema.json 2435