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360seProfileMigrator.js 10270
BrowserProfileMigrators.manifest 2124
ChromeMigrationUtils.jsm Get all extensions installed in a specific profile. @param {String} profileId - A Chrome user profile ID. For example, "Profile 1". @returns {Array} All installed Chrome extensions information. 10067
ChromeProfileMigrator.js Convert Chrome time format to Date object @param aTime Chrome time @return converted Date object @note Google Chrome uses FILETIME / 10 as time. FILETIME is based on same structure of Windows. 18573
content 3
EdgeProfileMigrator.js Get rows from a table in the Edge DB as an array of JS objects. @param {String} tableName the name of the table to read. @param {String[]|function} columns a list of column specifiers (see ESEDBReader.jsm) or a function that generates them based on the database reference once opened. @param {nsIFile} dbFile the database file to use. Defaults to the main Edge database. @param {function} filterFn Optional. A function that is called for each row. Only rows for which it returns a truthy value are included in the result. @returns {Array} An array of row objects. 16162
ESEDBReader.jsm exported ESEDBReader 21537
FirefoxProfileMigrator.js -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; js-indent-level: 2 -*- 10865
IEProfileMigrator.js Migrate the logins that were saved for the uris arguments. @param {nsIURI[]} uris - the uris that are going to be migrated. 13873 479
MigrationUtils.jsm Shared prototype for migrators, implementing nsIBrowserProfileMigrator. To implement a migrator: 1. Import this module. 2. Create the prototype for the migrator, extending MigratorPrototype. Namely: MosaicMigrator.prototype = Object.create(MigratorPrototype); 3. Set classDescription, contractID and classID for your migrator, and set NSGetFactory appropriately. 4. If the migrator supports multiple profiles, override the sourceProfiles Here we default for single-profile migrator. 5. Implement getResources(aProfile) (see below). 6. For startup-only migrators, override |startupOnlyMigrator|. 42094 1480
MSMigrationUtils.jsm Must be invoked once after last use of any of the provided helpers. 32980
nsIBrowserProfileMigrator.idl profile items to migrate. use with migrate(). 2686
nsIEHistoryEnumerator.cpp 3107
nsIEHistoryEnumerator.h Initializes the history reader, if needed. 932
nsWindowsMigrationUtils.h 946
ProfileMigrator.js 778
SafariProfileMigrator.js Recursively migrate a Safari collection of bookmarks. @param aEntries the collection's children @param aCollection one of the values above. 13698
tests 2
.eslintrc.js 855