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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 2; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* vim: set ts=2 et sw=2 tw=80: */
/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef mozilla_a11y_RemoteAccessibleShared_h
#define mozilla_a11y_RemoteAccessibleShared_h
* These are function declarations shared between win/RemoteAccessible.h and
* other/RemoteAccessible.h.
* Return the states for the proxied accessible.
virtual uint64_t State() override;
* Return the native states for the proxied accessible.
uint64_t NativeState() const;
* Set aName to the name of the proxied accessible.
* Return the ENameValueFlag passed from Accessible::Name
ENameValueFlag Name(nsString& aName) const override;
* Set aValue to the value of the proxied accessible.
void Value(nsString& aValue) const override;
* Set aHelp to the help string of the proxied accessible.
void Help(nsString& aHelp) const;
* Set aDesc to the description of the proxied accessible.
void Description(nsString& aDesc) const override;
* Get the set of attributes on the proxied accessible.
virtual already_AddRefed<AccAttributes> Attributes() override;
virtual Relation RelationByType(RelationType aType) const override;
bool IsSearchbox() const;
nsStaticAtom* ARIARoleAtom() const;
virtual mozilla::a11y::GroupPos GroupPosition() override;
void ScrollToPoint(uint32_t aScrollType, int32_t aX, int32_t aY);
void Announce(const nsString& aAnnouncement, uint16_t aPriority);
int32_t CaretLineNumber();
virtual int32_t CaretOffset() const override;
virtual void TextSubstring(int32_t aStartOffset, int32_t aEndOfset,
nsAString& aText) const override;
virtual void TextAfterOffset(int32_t aOffset,
AccessibleTextBoundary aBoundaryType,
int32_t* aStartOffset, int32_t* aEndOffset,
nsAString& aText) override;
virtual void TextAtOffset(int32_t aOffset, AccessibleTextBoundary aBoundaryType,
int32_t* aStartOffset, int32_t* aEndOffset,
nsAString& aText) override;
virtual void TextBeforeOffset(int32_t aOffset,
AccessibleTextBoundary aBoundaryType,
int32_t* aStartOffset, int32_t* aEndOffset,
nsAString& aText) override;
char16_t CharAt(int32_t aOffset);
virtual int32_t OffsetAtPoint(int32_t aX, int32_t aY,
uint32_t aCoordType) override;
bool SetSelectionBoundsAt(int32_t aSelectionNum, int32_t aStartOffset,
int32_t aEndOffset);
bool AddToSelection(int32_t aStartOffset, int32_t aEndOffset);
bool RemoveFromSelection(int32_t aSelectionNum);
void ScrollSubstringTo(int32_t aStartOffset, int32_t aEndOffset,
uint32_t aScrollType);
void ScrollSubstringToPoint(int32_t aStartOffset, int32_t aEndOffset,
uint32_t aCoordinateType, int32_t aX, int32_t aY);
void Text(nsString* aText);
void ReplaceText(const nsString& aText);
bool InsertText(const nsString& aText, int32_t aPosition);
bool CopyText(int32_t aStartPos, int32_t aEndPos);
bool CutText(int32_t aStartPos, int32_t aEndPos);
bool DeleteText(int32_t aStartPos, int32_t aEndPos);
bool PasteText(int32_t aPosition);
LayoutDeviceIntPoint ImagePosition(uint32_t aCoordType);
LayoutDeviceIntSize ImageSize();
bool IsLinkValid();
uint32_t AnchorCount(bool* aOk);
void AnchorURIAt(uint32_t aIndex, nsCString& aURI, bool* aOk);
RemoteAccessible* AnchorAt(uint32_t aIndex);
uint32_t LinkCount();
RemoteAccessible* LinkAt(const uint32_t& aIndex);
RemoteAccessible* TableOfACell();
uint32_t ColIdx();
uint32_t RowIdx();
void GetPosition(uint32_t* aColIdx, uint32_t* aRowIdx);
uint32_t ColExtent();
uint32_t RowExtent();
void GetColRowExtents(uint32_t* aColIdx, uint32_t* aRowIdx,
uint32_t* aColExtent, uint32_t* aRowExtent);
void ColHeaderCells(nsTArray<RemoteAccessible*>* aCells);
void RowHeaderCells(nsTArray<RemoteAccessible*>* aCells);
bool IsCellSelected();
RemoteAccessible* TableCaption();
void TableSummary(nsString& aSummary);
uint32_t TableColumnCount();
uint32_t TableRowCount();
RemoteAccessible* TableCellAt(uint32_t aRow, uint32_t aCol);
int32_t TableCellIndexAt(uint32_t aRow, uint32_t aCol);
int32_t TableColumnIndexAt(uint32_t aCellIndex);
int32_t TableRowIndexAt(uint32_t aCellIndex);
void TableRowAndColumnIndicesAt(uint32_t aCellIndex, int32_t* aRow,
int32_t* aCol);
uint32_t TableColumnExtentAt(uint32_t aRow, uint32_t aCol);
uint32_t TableRowExtentAt(uint32_t aRow, uint32_t aCol);
void TableColumnDescription(uint32_t aCol, nsString& aDescription);
void TableRowDescription(uint32_t aRow, nsString& aDescription);
bool TableColumnSelected(uint32_t aCol);
bool TableRowSelected(uint32_t aRow);
bool TableCellSelected(uint32_t aRow, uint32_t aCol);
uint32_t TableSelectedCellCount();
uint32_t TableSelectedColumnCount();
uint32_t TableSelectedRowCount();
void TableSelectedCells(nsTArray<RemoteAccessible*>* aCellIDs);
void TableSelectedCellIndices(nsTArray<uint32_t>* aCellIndices);
void TableSelectedColumnIndices(nsTArray<uint32_t>* aColumnIndices);
void TableSelectedRowIndices(nsTArray<uint32_t>* aRowIndices);
void TableSelectColumn(uint32_t aCol);
void TableSelectRow(uint32_t aRow);
void TableUnselectColumn(uint32_t aCol);
void TableUnselectRow(uint32_t aRow);
RemoteAccessible* AtkTableColumnHeader(int32_t aCol);
RemoteAccessible* AtkTableRowHeader(int32_t aRow);
void AtkKeyBinding(nsString& aBinding);
double CurValue() const override;
double MinValue() const override;
double MaxValue() const override;
double Step() const override;
bool SetCurValue(double aValue);
RemoteAccessible* FocusedChild();
Accessible* ChildAtPoint(
int32_t aX, int32_t aY,
LocalAccessible::EWhichChildAtPoint aWhichChild) override;
LayoutDeviceIntRect Bounds() const override;
virtual nsIntRect BoundsInCSSPixels() const override;
void Language(nsString& aLocale);
void DocType(nsString& aType);
void Title(nsString& aTitle);
void MimeType(nsString aMime);
void URLDocTypeMimeType(nsString& aURL, nsString& aDocType,
nsString& aMimeType);
void Extents(bool aNeedsScreenCoords, int32_t* aX, int32_t* aY, int32_t* aWidth,
int32_t* aHeight);
virtual void DOMNodeID(nsString& aID) const override;