Name Description Size 466
test-account-manager-helpers.js Opens the Account Manager. @param callback Callback for the modal dialog that is opened. 7107
test-address-book-helpers.js Make sure that there is a card for this email address @param emailAddress the address that should have a card @param displayName the display name the card should have @param preferDisplayName |true| if the card display name should override the header display name 15422
test-attachment-helpers.js Create a body part with attachments for the message generator @param body the text of the main body of the message @param attachments an array of attachment objects (as strings) @param boundary an optional string defining the boundary of the parts @return an object suitable for passing as the |bodyPart| for create_message 6885
test-cloudfile-backend-helpers.js This function uploads one or more files, and then proceeds to cancel them. This function assumes that the mock server for the provider is prepared for the uploaded files, and will give enough time for the uploads to be cancelled before they complete. @param aController the controller to use for waitFors. @param aProvider the provider to upload and cancel the files with. @param aFiles the array of files to upload. 3652
test-cloudfile-helpers.js Helper function for getting the nsIFile's for some files located in a subdirectory of the test directory. @param aFiles an array of filename strings for files underneath the test file directory. @param aFileRoot the file who's parent directory we should start looking for aFiles in. Example: let files = collectFiles(['./data/testFile1', './data/testFile2'], __file__); 4083
test-compose-helpers.js Opens the compose window by starting a new message @param aController the controller for the mail:3pane from which to spawn the compose window. If left blank, defaults to mc. @return The loaded window of type "msgcompose" wrapped in a MozmillController that is augmented using augment_controller. 18543
test-content-tab-helpers.js gMockExtProtocolSvc allows us to capture (most if not all) attempts to open links in the default browser. 15301
test-customization-helpers.js Initialize the help for a customization dialog @param {} aToolbarId the ID of the toolbar to be customized @param {} aOpenElementId the ID of the element to be clicked on to open the dialog @param {} aWindowType the windowType of the window containing the dialog to be opened 3739
test-dom-helpers.js This function takes either a string or an elementlibs.Elem, and returns whether it is hidden or not (simply by poking at its hidden property). It doesn't try to do anything smart, like is it not into view, or whatever. @param aElt The element to query. @return Whether the element is visible or not. 7686
test-folder-display-helpers.js Server hostname as set in 111212
test-junk-helpers.js Mark the selected messages as junk. This is done by pressing the J key. @param aController The controller in whose context to do this, defaults to |mc| if omitted. 6504
test-keyboard-helpers.js Emulates manual input @param aController The window controller to input keypresses into @param aStr The string to input into the control element @param aElement (optional) Element on which to perform the input 1659
test-message-helpers.js Helpers to deal with message (nsIMsgDBHdr) parsing. 1471
test-mock-object-helpers.js Allows registering a mock XPCOM component, that temporarily replaces the original one when an object implementing a given ContractID is requested using createInstance. @param aContractID The ContractID of the component to replace, for example ";1". @param aReplacementCtor The constructor function for the JavaScript object that will be created every time createInstance is called. This object must implement QueryInterface and provide the XPCOM interfaces required by the specified ContractID (for example Ci.nsIFilePicker). 5108
test-mouse-event-helpers.js Execute a drag and drop session. @param {XULElement} aDragObject the element from which the drag session should be started. @param {} aDragWindow the window the aDragObject is in @param {XULElement} aDropObject the element at which the drag session should be ended. @param {} aDropWindow the window the aDropObject is in @param {} aRelDropX the relative x-position the element is dropped over the aDropObject in percent of the aDropObject width @param {} aRelDropY the relative y-position the element is dropped over the aDropObject in percent of the aDropObject height @param {XULElement} aListener the element who's drop target should be captured and returned. 6160
test-newmailaccount-helpers.js Wait until the list of providers is loaded and displayed. 5996
test-nntp-helpers.js 4088
test-notificationbox-helpers.js A helper function for determining whether or not a notification with a particular value is being displayed. @param aController the controller of the window to check @param aBoxId the id of the notification box @param aValue the value of the notification to look for @param aNotification an optional out parameter: object that will pass the notification element out of this function in its 'notification' property @return True/false depending on the state of the notification. 7158
test-observer-helpers.js ObservationRecorder observes events, and records its observations for later analysis. 3875
test-pref-window-helpers.js Helpers to deal with the preferences window. 1751
test-prompt-helpers.js Sets the value that the alert, confirm, etc dialog will return to the caller. 5967
test-quick-filter-bar-helpers.js Maps names to bar DOM ids to simplify checking. 8643
test-search-window-helpers.js Open a search window using the accel-shift-f shortcut. @returns the controller for the search window 2518
test-subscribe-window-helpers.js Open a subscribe dialog from the context menu. @param aFolder the folder to open the subscribe dialog for @param aFunction Callback that will be invoked with a controller for the subscribe dialogue as parameter 3148
test-window-helpers.js Timeout to use when waiting for the first window ever to load. This is long because we are basically waiting for the entire app startup process. 71208