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ComposerCommands.js Implementations of nsIControllerCommand for composer commands. These commands are related to editing. You can fire these commands with following functions: goDoCommand and goDoCommandParams(If command requires any parameters). Sometimes, we want to reflect the changes in the UI also. We have two functions for that: pokeStyleUI and pokeMultiStateUI. The pokeStyleUI function is for those commands which are boolean in nature for example "cmd_bold" command, text can be bold or not. The pokeMultiStateUI function is for the commands which can have multiple values for example "cmd_fontFace" can have different values like arial, variable width etc. Here, some of the commands are getting executed by document.execCommand. Those are listed in the gCommandMap Map object. In that also, some commands are of type boolean and some are of multiple state. We have two functions to execute them: doStatefulCommand and doStyleUICommand. All commands are not executable through document.execCommand. In all those cases, we will use goDoCommand or goDoCommandParams. The goDoCommandParams function is implemented in this file. The goDoCOmmand function is from globalOverlay.js. For the Commands which can be executed by document.execCommand, we will use doStatefulCommand and doStyleUICommand. 65478
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